About Me

Hello, I’m Daniel San, Software Engineer currently working at Lapaza Empreendimentos LTDA, working in the field since 2012. Born in 1992, married, living in Alagoas (Brazil). Learning new things is always very exciting. Open Source is incredible. And nothing better to spend time than watching a good movie or TV series. What is making me more excited now is to be studying about embedded systems and IoT.


Year Description
2019 Graduated in Computer Engineer by Federal University of Alagoas
2010 Technician in Electronics by Federal Institute of Alagoas


Tech Leader

Lapaza Empreendimentos LTDA oct/2018 - Now

As a small company, I have to ensure that the company is using the right technologies to solve the business's technical challenges, following the best security standards. I help the team to maintain the quality of the software developed, I do requirements engineering and always try to facilitate understanding and solve problems that involve the tasks that need to be performed.
I am also responsible for making the team work together and happy, always growing professionally and personally, as well as remaining engaged with the company.
And of course, whenever I can, I make some code.

Android Leader

Ilhasoft jan/2018 - aug/2018

Responsible for the entire development process of the applications made by the Android team. From engineering requirements to monitoring the quality of software that is developed. I am also responsible for guiding the Android team and encouraging everyone's growth.

Software Engineer

Ilhasoft aug/2015 - jan/2018

Working on the native Android applications development, using Java and Kotlin. Developing completely new applications, new features and giving maintenance on existing applications.

Software Engineer

Piggo nov/2014 - july/2015

Develop mobile applications of the Piggo system. Cross platform (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) consumer version (made in Qt) and the enterprise version (made in native Android).

Software Engineer Intern

COMPELab jan/2012 - nov/2014

Research in pervasive computing. As the development of applications in this context. Plus some jobs to the BlackBerry Tach Center of Maceió-AL (in IC/UFAL).

Trainee Electronics Technician

Blumare Veículos oct/2010 - mar/2011

Maintaining and repair of automotive electrical systems of Fiat cars.


These are some of the platforms I have some familiarity

Recent Work

Side projects I did in my spare time as hobby

Nota Fiscal Cidadã

The application Nota Fiscal Cidadã was created during the event Hackathon Insano, conducted by Sefaz.

Qt QRCode

Qt/C++ library for encoding and visualization of data in a QR Code symbol.

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